3 Useful and Practical Tips for Weeding and Pruning

3 Useful and Practical Tips for Weeding and Pruning

The proper weeding and pruning in the garden means there is less likelihood of causing harm or damaging the plant life. Here are three useful tips to maintain the beautiful looking garden:


Weeds have a negative impact on the plant life because they are very invasive and fight the natural plants for water, light and nutrients. There are several techniques that can be used in the process of curbing the growth of weeds. A useful solution is to install ground cover like Roman chamomile or thyme, which is very effective at stopping or at least slowing the growth of weeds. One of the most effective methods to clear the invasive weed species is to hand weed. This can quickly take care of the weeds with rhizomatous roots like the ground elder or goutwort. It is essential to get hold of the entire weed and gently pull out of the ground. It is important to get to the entire root system to prevent the weed growing back within a short time-frame. Also, avoid leaving the weeds in seed on the compost pile because there is a high chance they could get blown back into the lawn and garden. For the extremely invasive weeds the best course of action is to apply a woven mulching fabric that still permits the flow of water and air. When it comes to planting the flowers it is simply a process of cutting through the fabric with a sharp pair of scissors or a knife. The woven fabric is best covered with gravel, bark or other decorative mulch that helps it blend with its natural surroundings. Avoid using polyethylene sheets because this will completely stop the soil from breathing.

Avoid the invasive plants

Planting an invasive plant that has the ability to endure harsh conditions and withstand a drought has the potential to completely invade the garden landscape over time. For this reason, it is important to be cautious and avoid planting the invasive species. However, it there are certain invasive plants that you wish to plant in the garden, the best course of action is to contain the plant in a flowering pot.


The pruning process is great to maintain the aesthetic quality of the garden landscape. There are plenty of aromatic plants that benefit from a regular prune back. In addition to creating the most attractive landscape, the regular pruning session can also help to prompt the development of new buds. A great technique is to cut the stems of perennials and annuals once the flowering stage is complete for the season. However, certain plants with edible seeds like the fennel, dill and coriander are best left until the growth cycle is complete.

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