5 Basics for Watering the Garden

5 Basics for Watering the Garden

For healthy, steady growth the plant life needs a regular supply of moisture. The proper watering techniques are essential to not only keep the plants alive, but also to avoid unnecessary wastage. Here are five tips to learn the basics of garden watering:

Water early in the day

The most appropriate time to water the lawn and garden is early in the day - usually between 6 and 10 am. This helps to avoid issues with evaporation because the day is still cool and the water has enough time to soak down to the roots before the heat of the day arrives. If the only option is to give the lawn and garden a water in the afternoon, try to leave enough time in the day for the leaves to dry to avoid issues with foliage diseases.

Don’t water the leaves

Try to keep the leaves dry while watering the plants. This is easily achieved by watering the base of the plants and soaking the soil by the roots. This watering method is certain to benefit the plants that are at high risk of certain fungal diseases, such as squash, phlox, lilacs, and roses. By watering the leaves often there is a higher change of encouraging the growth of several types of leaf spot diseases and mildew.

Avoid overwatering

It is quite easy to overwater the plants when the leaves start to wilt because of the high heat of the midday sun. But, if the plants have already been given their regular watering, there is no need to repeat the application. It is best to leave the next watering until the following morning. If at that time the plants still appear quite droopy, then they are certain to be in need of extra watering.

Deep water mature plants

When it comes to the mature plants it benefits to give the deeper watering that takes place at less frequent intervals. This technique means there is a greater chance of the moisture reaching the root structure which can be as deep as 15-45 cm. Plus, the proper watering method means there is an increased chance of encouraging the deeper growing roots, which can help to cut back on the need to water as often.

Extra care for shallow root plants

The young plants with shallow roots are in need of a more regular and light watering. This should take place at more regular intervals compared to the established and deep rooted plants.

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