5 Tips to Keep Garden Tools In Good Shape and Clean

5 Tips to Keep Garden Tools In Good Shape and Clean

Garden tools come in many shapes and sizes and range from the complex and motorized devices to the basic hand-tools. Here are five tips to help maintain the garden tools:

Basic maintenance

A simple practice of general maintenance is certain to help the power tools perform for longer. By reading the owner’s manual it is possible to achieve the most efficient and safe operation. To minimize issues with the build up of caked on dirt, give the tools a regular clean or service. A damp or dry cloth is a suitable solution to remove dirt, grass, or leaves from many types of tools.

Stop rust

A certain issue to shorten the usable life of the garden tools is to leave them outside in all weather. This can soon lead to the build up of rust, which weakens the tool and makes it less effective at completing its tasks. Make sure to place the tools in the shed or other area of storage after each use. A well organized shed with space to hang the tools is certain to be the most practical solution.

Sharpen at regular intervals

To maintain the performance of the cutting tools, make sure to give the blades a regular sharpen. The sharp cutting tools like the clippers and loppers are much more efficient when sharp as well as being a lot safer to use. A poorly maintained cutting tool is certain to frustrate the user and even lead to kick backs that can cause injuries. Handheld tools are safely sharpened using purpose-made file that is widely available at most local DIY stores. For the heavy duty machinery like the hedge trimmers and chainsaws, make sure to check the guidelines in the user manual to make sure the correct sharpening practices are used.

Inspect handles

Give the handles of the power tools special attention to make sure they are completely free of grease and oil build-up. If the handles aren’t dry or clean this could increase the risk of slipping while in use which has the potential to lead to an accident. Other parts to inspect include the nuts and screws. This type of work should be completed every so often to improve safety and performance.

End of season maintenance

A proper end of season maintenance session is essential to make sure the tools will still be in a useable condition once next season comes round. Give the metal and wooden parts of the tools a proper clean to avoid issues with breaking, becoming brittle, rusting, or seizing up.

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