6 Must-Know Things about Pruning Shrubs and Trees

6 Must-Know Things about Pruning Shrubs and Trees

The process of giving the hedges, shrubs and trees a regular pruning session is much easier when able to invest the time and effort into maintaining the tools. Here are six useful things to know when planning to prune the overgrown plant life:

A quality set of pruning tools

A complete set of pruning and trimming tools consist of a pruning saw, a pair of loppers and hand pruners. This varied mix of tools makes it possible to cut the small to large branches. Loppers are the most important choice for cutting the larger branches. Hedge trimmers (manual or powered) are great for fast work on the dense plant life that has a lot of small branches or leaves to remove.

Pruning large shrubs or trees

When working on the larger shrubs and trees it is essential to take the extra care to avoid issues with falling branches. It can help to put up a safety sling for the heavy branch to minimize issues with causing damage to another that may be below. A safety sling is a simple process of secure the branch to be pruned to a higher branch. Use a sturdy rope to help secure the two branches.

Use the right tools

Make sure to use the pruning tools you are comfortable handling. For instance, if you have small hands, try to use the lightweight and short shears. Also, for the left handed person there are plenty of specially made tools that give a comfortable performance, and usually include a locking clip, counter blade, and inverted blade.

Pole pruners

The pole pruners have the ability to simplify the process of cutting the branches at height and up to 3 cm in thickness. This long-handled tool is safer than attempting to stand on a ladder when cutting anything slightly above normal reach. The pole prunes come in several types, including those with interlocking pieces or as a single piece.

Pruning loppers

The pruning loppers are a practical tool to cut the branch that is too tough or large for standard shears, but not yet at the stage of needing a saw. The bypass type is great for those with a lot of woody shrubs that need your attention.

Proper maintenance of the tools

Maintain the cutting blades of the loppers and shears is certain to help with long term use and performance. A well-maintained blade is certain to provide the most efficient cut. Plus, for the smooth operation of the tools, make sure to apply petroleum jelly or light machine oil to the pivot area. Sap is certain to be generated with regular pruning, so make sure to wipe this off after each use.

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