Useful Tips to Prune the Garden Shrubs and Trees

Useful Tips to Prune the Garden Shrubs and Trees

A regular session of trimming and pruning the shrubs and trees is essential to maintain the attractive outside appearance. Here are several useful tips to help prune the shrubs, plants and trees using the most efficient methods:

Trimming and pruning tools

Hedge shears: the hedge shears are much like a large pair of scissors and have the ability to easily cut through the small branches. A solid pair of shears is essential to work fast and efficiently.


For the branch stems up to 2-12 cm the preferred pruning tool is the long-handled shears or loppers. This type of tool has a scissor like action to provide the easiest and cleanest cut. Loppers are favoured ahead of the blade-and-anvil tool because they require more force to close the blades and the cut is usually quite rugged.

Pruning shears

The heavy-duty pruning shears are great for pruning the small woody branches, while the lightweight deadheading shears are a practical option for taking care of the flower blossoms that are starting to fade.

Pruning saw

The pruning saw is the most practical piece of equipment to use on the large branches and stems. The easiest and fastest cut is provided by the saws that cut on both the pull and push action. Use the saws with a curved blade for the most efficient performance.

Types of plant life to prune

Here is a general overview of pruning the flowering and non-flowering shrubs:

Deciduous shrubs

The best time to prune the deciduous shrubs (flowering type) is within a very short period of the plant flowering. For the other types of shrubs that aren’t known to flower, it is generally best to leave the pruning session until later in the year. For any shrub that hasn’t grown too much over the season and certainly not overgrown, you aren’t likely to have much pruning work to complete. Also, for the shrubs that haven’t been too successful with flower show, you may want to look at thinning out the plant to help encourage more productive flower growth. Try to limit the amount pruned at any one time to about 13 the length of the branch. Also, aim to keep the shape of the shrub for the more pleasing look in the garden.

Avoid unnecessary and severe pruning sessions

Most plants in the garden are rarely in need of a severe pruning session. But, for those shrubs with diseased or dead wood it is necessary to remove this as far back as necessary to make it possible for the new shoots to grow and prosper.

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