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Gutter Cleaning Dandenong

The build up of debris, moss, leaves, etc. has the potential to block the guttering system which in time leads to water damage to the residential or commercial property. At Jim's Mowing Dandenong we are able to offer a fast and efficient gutter cleaning service that leaves the guttering leak-free and fully functional. So if you are after a one-off or regular service, why not get in touch with our friendly customer service team for a full consultation and competitive quote.

Don't forget the gutter system

Our all-inclusive gutter cleaning service will make sure the gutter channels, downspout, and elbows are entirely free and clear of debris build-up. If the guttering is left to clog up, there is a great change of significant water damage being caused to the external walls or foundation. Our trusted team at Jim's Mowing will also inspect the guttering for signs of damage and have this repaired as required. So, for those without the tools such as a ladder or are no fan of heights, the best course of action is to get in contact with expects to ensure the water is able to easily clear from the residential or commercial property after raining.

How regular to clean the guttering

A practical time-frame to clean the guttering on the Dandenong properties is once every 12 months. Although in certain situations it can benefit to clean more often, such as those homes and offices with overhanging trees, roof tiles covered in moss, and issues with vermin. Plus, there is more risk of damage to the home if it has a basement.


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If you want to guarantee the free flowing gutter system for the long-term, why not get in touch with the professionals at Jim's Mowing for a free, no-obligation quote that matches the needs.

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