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Need your Gutters Cleaned?

Clutter, leaves, and moss are some of the hazards that can cause damage to the guttering system on the commercial or domestic building. Jim's Mowing provides an efficient and reliable gutter cleaning service in the city of Lyndhurst and surrounding suburbs. Our aim is to offer a high-quality service that leaves the property with full functional and leak-free guttering.

Why gutter cleaning is essential

Getting the gutters cleaned at regular intervals isn't something most property owners seem to think about. But, if the guttering is left unattended it will over time start to fill with debris, dirt, plant life, moss, etc. which prevents the rainwater from flowing from the foundation. Plus, the extra weight in the guttering can cause it to pull away from the building or crack which means it will be aesthetically displeasing.

By letting our team of professionals service the guttering, it will be kept blockage-free which should ensure it stays fully functional and less likely to cause water related problems to the building.

Don't wait too long

Don't be tempted to put off a regular gutter cleaning service. The guttering is in place to protect the home, rafters, and walls from water damage. The well-maintained guttering will give that extra peace of mind in knowing the commercial or domestic property is safe and protected. Water damage is expensive to repair, so using our skilled workforce at least once per year should help to minimize the risk of damp.


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