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Why is Jim's Gutter Cleaning Pakenham Upper the best option??

Jim's Mowing is set up to provide a professional gutter cleaning service. Your guttering system is essentially there to prevent rainwater from causing damage to the external walls of the building. By using our professional services you are able to maintain the free-flowing gutter. If the gutter system is neglected, it starts to break or get blocked, which can lead to serious consequences.

At Jim's Mowing we can offer an all-inclusive service such as cleaning, repair, and maintenance for commercial and domestic properties in the Pakenham Upper area.

What is gutter cleaning?

Gutter cleaning is the process of lifting out the build up of dirt and debris (leaves, moss, twigs, etc.) that has fallen into the gutter system over time. It is usually recommended to have the guttering cleared at least once or twice every 12 months. However, for those properties with overhanging trees nearby it might be practical to have this work completed more often.

Call us to book an appointment for a gutter cleaning service. We are ready to provide a professional service for all Pakenham Upper residents to ensure the integrity of the gutter is maintained at all times.

Damage to the property

It is best to get the guttering cleared and inspect at regular intervals to avoid the possibility of more serious damage. Most damage caused by water isn't immediately apparent, so the damage caused to the external walls can slowly progress without it being noticed. Malfunctioning downpipes and gutters are among the biggest causes of water damage to property in the United Kingdom.


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Call Jim's Mowing in Pakenham Upper to organise an all-inclusive gutter cleaning service for the commercial or domestic property. Please provide details of the required work and we will put forward a free, no-obligation quotation at an affordable rate.

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