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Gutter Cleaning Sandhurst

Jim's Mowing is set up to offer an in-inclusive gutter cleaning service for the residential and commercial premises in Sandhurst. Our fully trained and experienced workforce has the ability to provide a one-off or regular clean, as well as to fix or repair any defects noticed. Our franchisees are responsible and follow the necessary safety practices while completing the work. With 30+ years of experience in the industry, you are certain to get a first class service from our expert team at Jim's Mowing in Sandhurst.

Protect the home from damage

If the gutter system isn't maintained there is a great chance it can start to get blocked up and no longer able to provide its practical purpose of stopping water damage to the home or office. Plus, the water damage can be quite expensive to repair and significantly more than a regular gutter cleaning service. So to avoid potential issues it the future, it helps to get in contact with the experts at Jim's Mowing for a full clean and inspection service.

Rely on our all-inclusive service

Our fully qualified and skilled workforce has the know-how to clean all aspects of the guttering system including the main channels, elbows, and downspouts. Also, we make sure to provide a clean and tidy service that makes sure the leaves, moss, or other debris is collected and disposed of in a sensible fashion. Other services provided include inspecting the pipe work for signs of damage and making repairs as needed.


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If you are looking to book a gutter cleaning service in the Sandhurst area why not get in contact with Jim's Mowing on 1300 795 645 and our friendly team will provide a free, no-obligation quote that matches the needs.

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