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Pruning Officer (3809)

At Jim's Mowing we can provide a high-quality hedge trimming and pruning service in the Officer area to make sure the trees, hedges, and bushes at kept in a manageable state. Our fully trained and insured gardening professionals have the tools and know-how to carry out this work to a very high standard. With 30+ years experience in the industry, you are guaranteed to get a friendly and reliable service when using Jim's Mowing. If you are searching for an expert and well-organised service for Officer residents, why not get in contact for a free, no-obligation quote.

Maintain the well-kept landscape

An on-going session of pruning back the hedges and trees makes sure this type of plant life is kept in a safe and balanced condition at all times. Each of the hedges, shrubs, or trees are carefully checked prior to starting work and cut back to complement the shape, condition, and size of the particular plant species. A regular service is the best option to keep the garden landscape looking its best.

Pruning back all plant life

Our reliable workforce at Jim's Mowing is ready to start trimming and pruning the overgrowth in the garden, from hedges to small trees. We take a professional approach to pruning and make sure the hedge is left well-balanced with the right shape and size. For long-term maintenance of the hedges, our team of hedge trimming / pruning technicians can provide a one-off service or regular session (3-4 times per year).


Book a hedge trimming and pruning session

If the garden landscape is starting to appear neglected and could benefit from a hedge trimming and pruning session, please get in contact with Jim's Mowing in Officer and we will provide a free, no-obligation quotation that matches the specific needs.

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