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Pruning Springvale (3171)

At Jim's Mowing, we are able to provide an all-inclusive hedge trimming and pruning service for commercial and domestic clients in the Springvale area. Pruning and trimming the garden hedges is usually a difficult and time-consuming process, so it benefits to pass the workload to our fully trained and insured workers. With 30 plus years of experience in the trade, you can rely on Jim's Mowing Springvale to provide a fast and efficient service for all clients. We aim to give a friendly and timely response to all phone calls and can put forward to free quotation to match the needs.

Benefit from the well-maintained garden

Well-kept shrubs, bushes, hedges, trees, etc. are certain to leave the outside space looking that much more appealing. Jim's Mowing in Springvale has the experience and know-how to provide a comprehensive service to maintain the garden plant life. Our fully trained and insured workforce is qualified to work on the small to overgrown hedges, and have access to the latest specialist tools for trimming work. So, for those homeowners planning to renovate the outside of the Springvale property, why not get in contact with Jim's Mowing.

Expert hedge trimming and pruning

Our reliable workforce at Jim's Mowing is ready to start trimming and pruning the overgrowth in the garden, from hedges to small trees. We take a professional approach to pruning and make sure the hedge is left well-balanced with the right shape and size. For long-term maintenance of the hedges, our team of hedge trimming / pruning technicians can provide a one-off service or regular session (3-4 times per year).


Contact for an immediate quote

Why not get in contact with Jim's mowing in Springvale for all enquires related to trimming and pruning the hedges or trees. We can easily organise a free, no-obligation quotation to provide the exact service required at an affordable rate.

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1300 795 645

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