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Lawn Mowing Officer South

Jim's Mowing has the ability to provide a first-class service to leave the gardens in Officer South looking well-maintained and beautiful. Our skilled workforce can provide a flexible approach to maintaining the appearance of the outside space with a choice of one-off, weekly, or monthly lawn mowing services.

Why not get in contact for a free, no-obligation quote that is tailored to the specific needs.

Fast and reliable service

Our qualified and skilled lawn care professionals will take every step necessary to transform the lawn and ensure it is healthy and admired by all. Whether it is the first cut after the winter or general mid-season maintenance, our lawn care service is all-inclusive and includes clearing debris like clippings, twigs, leaves, etc. and applying fertilizer to bare patches. Operating in the city of Officer South and surround suburbs, our lawn technicians have the skill and know-how to provide a first class service.



Using proper mowing techniques

For a high-quality service, our lawn care technicians use the most up-to-date machinery and equipment to make sure the grass blades are cut to the right length to match the type of grass.

Whether it is a commercial or domestic lawn in the Officer South area, a proper lawn mowing session will ensure the grass grows with proper vigour, colour, and density.


Ask for no-obligation quotation

If you want to transform the appearance of the lawn and garden, why not get in contact with Jim's Mowing in Officer South for a free, no obligation consultation. Prices are based on the specific needs, size of the lawn, and type of work required. Our lawn care experts will provide a high-quality and prompt service that is tailored to the specific needs and available at affordable rates.


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